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Linda Quinby Lambert

Writer & Researcher


Linda Q. Lambert
is a retired community college library director, a 2015 graduate of the Stonecoast MFA IMG_3693Creative Writing program at the University of Southern Maine, the mother of four sons and three daughters, and grandmother to thirteen.

She also holds a masters degree in Journalism from the University of Southern California and one in library science from Emporia State University.

She is an active member of Red Wheelbarrow Writers in Bellingham, Washington, an organization which provides monthly happy hours, participation in a collective NaNoWriMo novel, the chance to be a Writer in the Window at Village Books, and interaction with a diverse bunch of engaged writers. The groups’ publication, Memory Into Memoir (2016), includes Lambert’s essay “Her Name is Quintana Roo,” a story about meeting Joan Didion and her daughter in the sixties. She contributed the introduction to Red Wheelbarrow’s second anthology, So Much Depends Upon…, as well as a personal essay: Poetry: Accidental and Occasional.

She inserted the initial Q in her name to honor the Quinbys who adopted her and to eliminate the alliterative overkill of Linda Lee Lambert.

Latest Posts

The Kumquat Challenge

Ara  Taylor, project manager for  The Kumquat Challenge, emceed the KC celebration and announced the  2019 winners on April29th. In the Student Category: Kristen Dietz, 1st place; Rem Naughton, 2nd; Mariia Neguliaeva, 3rd. Community Category: Sally Sheedy, 1st; Alana...

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Limericks, Pangrams & the Dazzling Ascent of

Anu Garg. Do you know that name? People in 171 countries do because they receive what the New York Times called “the most welcome, most enduring piece of daily mail in cyberspace.” I’m one of them. Eleven years ago on January 8th, 2008 I heard Garg (Indian-born and...

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How I Search

Cradle Rolls, Rabbit Holes, Serendipity & Obliquity I discovered my mother’s 1908 decorative Cradle Roll certificate, a document that had foundered, unexamined, while boxed in my last two garages. Squelching embarrassment, I reveled in the...

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Postcard Digi-Stalker, Pt. 1

In 2007 Paul Nelson and Lana Ayers launched The August Poetry Postcard Festival (APPF). Participants pay a small fee, with the intention of writing a postcard poem a day to each member in their assigned group of 31 poets....

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When Sunil Yapa Came to Town

When I first learned that Your Heart Is A Muscle the Size of a Fist was the selected book for Whatcom READS 2018  (five author events, March 8-10), I'd never heard of Sunil Yapa. Learning about talented, engaging authors is one of the beauties of a county-wide book...

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A Blog on Blogs

Several months ago, I was having lunch with two friends I hadn't seen in a while. Both were retired librarians with new avocations: one is a potter, the other writes local history. The local historian, after learning that I had a blog, said, "Well, what do you write...

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Eyes Wide Open

About to check my field of vision, the ophthalmological technician, dressed in tall Frye boots, leggings, and a stylish, geometric-patterned sweater, spoke in a calm voice: "I'm going to tape your eyes open. I'll be gentle," she said as she stretched each eyelid to an...

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Genealogy and Porn

Two disparate topics, genealogy and porn, appeared together in a Time magazine article and yanked me away from researching my ancestors: a thrice-married great aunt, a well-known Kansas historian-journalist, and a Scottish boy who was kidnapped, transported in a...

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Exit Stage Front and Center: Brian Doyle

One of my favorite writers died recently—Brian Doyle: a left-leaning story grabbing unapologetic Roman Catholic and one heck of a mentoring inspiration to students, writers and the readers who loved his work. Did you notice that there were no commas in that...

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The Only Person I Know Who Owns the OED

A few weeks ago I blogged about the Oxford English Dictionary and I mentioned Ara Taylor as the only person I know who owns the print version of the OED. Is there anyone else out there with sagging shelves containing all twenty volumes? Ara was prompted to use the OED...

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