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Linda Quinby Lambert

Writer & Researcher


Linda Q. Lambert
is a retired community college library director, a 2015 graduate of the Stonecoast MFA IMG_3693Creative Writing program at the University of Southern Maine, the mother of four sons and three daughters, and grandmother to thirteen.

She also holds a masters degree in Journalism from the University of Southern California and one in library science from Emporia State University.

She is an active member of Red Wheelbarrow Writers in Bellingham, Washington, an organization which provides monthly happy hours, participation in a collective NaNoWriMo novel, the chance to be a Writer in the Window at Village Books, and interaction with a diverse bunch of engaged writers. The groups’ publication, Memory Into Memoir (2016), includes Lambert’s essay “Her Name is Quintana Roo,” a story about meeting Joan Didion and her daughter in the sixties. She contributed the introduction to Red Wheelbarrow’s second anthology, So Much Depends Upon…, as well as a personal essay: Poetry: Accidental and Occasional.

She inserted the initial Q in her name to honor the Quinbys who adopted her and to eliminate the alliterative overkill of Linda Lee Lambert.

Latest Posts

A Poet Laureate in our Presence

Washington State Poet, Rena Priest My Poetry Club, meeting since 2015, has studied classic and contemporary poets (think Wordsworth and Margaret Atwood), well-known and lesser-known writers (Ferlinghetti and R.C. Weslowski) writers, but we’ve never had a real-time...

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Ratatouille Redux

During most of the Covid-19 pandemic, Christian's and my food explorations were back-burnered. We stopped our socially distanced cooking in his garage last Spring, but not before we put together two dozen packages of homemade granola for friends and family. With...

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Becoming a Ghost

Becoming a Ghost

Punching “ghostwriting” into brings up “forgery.” Britannica does not include a separate article distinguishing the genre from counterfeiters of art, literature, etc. The Oxford English Dictionary defines a ghostwriter as “Originally a hack writer who...

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“What’s For Dinner Tonight?”

My wife Amory looks forward to Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday Cooking with Chala meals. Interesting recipes, created in another family’s kitchen, translate into a diversity of flavors and no sink of encrusted pots to scrub. Clean-up’s her job at home and who doesn’t like fewer bullets on the To-Do list?

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Dragon Fruit: Worth It?

Five lonely dragon fruit, nestled together in a large cardboard box, caught my attention at the grocery store. My grandson and I are always on the lookout for what’s unfamiliar, untasted, and to us, exotic. However, the $5.98 price tag on a single, fist-sized piece of...

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An Introduction: Who’s Chala?

His friends call him Chala, a nickname from his high school and college days as a soccer player. I call him by his given name, Christian. The ending of Christian's soccer seasons, my retirement as a spectator, and his hiatus from employment, prompted a question: what...

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“I’m Not Famous like Aaron”

During  author Aaron Hamburger's June 4th  reading at Third Place Books, he asked someone to stand: Emily Dietrich, his first creative writing teacher. Hamburger, author of two novels and a short story collection, said he had never thought about writing until he...

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Getting’ It Done: A Writers Conference at Home

Writers Conferences—tempting ones—are all over the place: the SleuthFest in Florida; the Kauai Writers Conference in Hawaii; the Writers Police Academy in Wisconsin; the Kachemak Bay Writers Conference in Alaska. Some are subject specific; others offer a range of...

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Nirvana is Here and so is Aaron Hamburger

Aaron Hamburger The novel Nirvana is Here showed up in mid-May, adding to Aaron Hamburger's list of books: The View from Stalin's Head and Faith for Beginners. While Hamburger will not exactly be "here" in Bellingham where I live, he will be at Third Place Books on...

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